We are working hard to launch our new mobile app.

Caare is an online marketplace for home care professionals. Caare's purpose is to make life easier for families and home care providers by allowing them to connect in a secure and convenient manner. Customers App and Service Providers App will be two segments of the Caare platform. Customers must pick from a range of rates for a minimum 2-hour service and authorize service providers to accept the job. It will take less than a minute to schedule a home care professional rather than scouting through several job portals.

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How we plan to deal with PICS following Covid19?

Several recent news publications have noted that the road to recovery for certain Covid-19 patients who need critical care is long. They might develop post-intensive care syndrome (PICS) after leaving the ICU, which can affect anyone who has spent time in the ICU.

    What Exactly Is Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)?

    PICS is defined as deterioration in cognitive, psychological health, and physical function in a person who has been in the ICU, according to research published in the Journal of Translational Internal Medicine. In addition, neuromuscular weakness may occur in individuals who may exhibit in the form of poor mobility and recurring falls. Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder can all cause psychological impairment in a person (PTSD).

      Home Health Care Providers’ Role

      It is critical to take an interprofessional approach to home health care for survivors of critical illness, including people with COVID-19; to provide education and resources about PICS to the patient, their family, and caregivers, as well as the health care team; and to remove barriers to home health care services. An interprofessional health care team is most suited to dealing with the wide range of physical, cognitive, and behavioral health issues that may arise. 

        Our Innovative Healthcare Solution

        The days of searching the internet or leafing through flyers for a home care service will be gone once the Caare marketplace is launched. Caare platform will dominate the industry by easily connecting service seekers with service providers.

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